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Caribbean Waterside Property, PLUS sailing yacht, Panama.

Two houses plus one other smaller house on one hectare. Own well always full. Full mains electricity, cooking by gas. Bananas and mangoes abound. Pier and small house at end of garden in lagoon from where your yacht can be sailed to the islands. Year round temperature is 84 degrees Fahrenheit.


US$ 350,000

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The property lies a few miles north-east of Portobelo, that famous town named by Colombus, where all the Spanish gold, silver and pearls was stored and then plundered by Sir Francis Drake, later by Henry Morgan the leader of the pirates and then lastly by Admiral Vernon. Sir Francis Drake is buried in a lead-lined coffin somewhere close by and it is rumoured that his last-resting place has been found. The Spanish so feared and revered Drake, that an island was named after him at the entrance to the town.

Close to the house outside the reef are some islands where the holding for anchors is good and occasionally visitors come to search for that Pirate hoard of hidden treasure. It is easy to take a kayak from the house to the islands and search for your own treasure there.

Just four hundred yards from the house on the reef are some underwater caves and it is possible to swim there, dive down with lungs full of air, and explore them and see the myriad of fish.

The main house is made from concrete blocks, but there is a large amount of sustainable wood used inside, Canalou, Mangrove, Almendra and so on. The floors are mosaic, designed as "The Tree of Life", featuring all that we need to sustain ourselves. So, we have water, a large tree that is our guiding path to areas in the house, and around that tree there is a house with a cow and a horse, fruits abound on the tree and there are jungle dwellers like monkeys and parrots and so on. The sky is also represented with clouds to represent rainfall.

The house has three showers, all using a solar-heat system atop the roof, should hot water be needed. There are three toilets within this house too and also three wash-handbasins, and all the bath areas have mosaics.

The kitchen worktop is in the shape of a whale, hence the house name "La Ballena Feliz", the Happy Whale. The ground floor has a guest-bedroom en-suite, and upstairs is one large floor with a floating bed, suspended by ropes from the ceiling. Then up again by a ladder to another bed.

Alongside this house is another wooden structure, totally open without windows or doors, having the benefit of two bedrooms and a kitchen. It is fully fitted electrically and with well-water too, cooking by gas.

Down near the water is another house, again totally open with a kitchen and lounging area to the ground floor and some stairs to the sleep area above. This house, the "ranchito" is used for guests. Outside of the house is a separate WC and shower area.

Down by the water is a pier leading to an open house where hammocks can be found.

At the end of the pier is your own yacht in your beautiful lagoon, ready to sail away to the islands or wherever.

The yacht is an Alpa 38, a Sparkman and Stevens design built in Italy. She has a centre cockpit and has the benefit of a 42hp Mercedes engine. She has a roller-furling jib, a Main and a mizzen sail, all Italian manufactured. She has a large aft cabin and two berths in the saloon and two berths forwards, plus the benefit of two heads. At the rear she has a bathing platform and the gas bottles are also placed there. She has three 60lb anchors and with her 200 feet of chain, she sits calm in all weathers when anchored. She sails like a dream due to her heavy displacement too. Her name is Pilar.

In the lagoon she is totally safe from all hazards and anyway, Panama is below 12 degrees North and so never suffers from hurricanes. It is easily possible to sail out of the lagoon and then you are in the Caribbean, but the lure of the delightful San Blas islands is so close to be incredibly tempting for anyone.

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