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Costa Rica, 31Ha, bordering Rincon DeLa Vieja National Park.

This fantastic property boasts stunning views across Rincon De La Vieja National Park with which it borders to the South. There is 130m (400ft) of road frontage and approximately 4 ha of flat agricultural land at the front of the property. A beautiful river runs through the property which comes directly from the National Park and there are abundant sources of clean natural spring water to drink and swim in.


US$ 150,000

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With over 30ha (75 acres) of land there are acres of Primary and Secondary Rain forest with massive tropical trees and a huge range of wildlife, including all 3 species of monkeys, big cats, large mammals and much much more...

My partner and I lived on this farm for several years unfortunately following several family tragedies we have had to return home and we are regrettably selling our farm. We also have a 1976 Toyota Landcruiser and many good homesteading tools including a chainsaw and carpentry tools that we can negotiate for in the sale of the land.

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La Cabina

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La Cabina

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La Cabina

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