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Rural Tourism, vineyards, estate of 17ha, Penedes, Spain

Private residence and rural tourism/oenological business, 3.5 ha working vineyards. Fully functioning and equipped to a very high standard.


c. 7,500,000 euros

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Property details

The property is situated in the Penedes municipality, near Mediona, Spain.

There is a large private residence of 4 bedrooms and a functioning business. This involves rural tourism using a separate cottage, coupled with oenological enterprises.

The property is not leased in any way.


  • rustic Estate with 17 hectares.
  • 3 '5 hectares of vineyards.
  • Housing has 1 independent 1 bedroom 1 room with a fireplace and 1 bathroom.
  • Masoveria house with 4 bedrooms 1 bath
  • Cottage with 7 double rooms with ensuite facilities. 1 Bedroom on the ground floor. Billiard Room, industrial kitchen, washing area.
  • Fitted kitchen with access to a porch garden (kitchen fully restored 2 years ago)
  • 1 apartment of 50m2.
  • 1 Wood-burning oven
  • 1 greenhouse of 100m2
  • area barbecues
  • 1 wooden hut of 80m2
  • 1 wooden hut of 40m2 for kids
  • 1 tennis court
  • artificial ponds
  • natural swimming pond
  • Vineyards, cherry trees, almond trees
    The estate has 3.5 hectares of vineyard in operation with varieties of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. The vineyard of Pinot Noir produces 4.8 tonnes of grapes of first quality. By contract, we have a subcontractor who is responsible and works the vineyard selling the production entirely to a Penedes group.
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