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Detached stone farmhouse with lots of potential, Southern Brittany, France.

Large ruin adjacent suitable for development. Permaculture garden with numerous fruit and nut trees. Small wooded copse. House: 125m2 Land 6690m2. Potential for B&B ~ Ground floor: 2 reception, 1 x large kitchen diner. 1st floor: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. 2nd floor appartment with private bathroom. Approximately 50m above sea level!


190,000 euros

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About La Croix Mariee

Our house is in a hamlet of 4 houses, but having no neighbours either side of us means that our garden remains very private, and a peaceful haven for our family. We do have occasional visitors to the field which adjoins our garden, but all you will hear from them is an occasional moo!

When we arrived at La Croix Mariee we were confronted with a shell which had a water tap just inside the front door, an electric cable which went through the lounge, up the stairs, and into the bedroom, and this had 3 light bulbs attached to it. There was no toilet and our kitchen was a stable with very low beams, including the entrance door to it!

We saw so much potential and have lovingly restored it and brought it back to life. The garden was a wilderness which had been much neglected and occupied as much time as the house returning it to the bountiful, abundant oasis that it now is. All our efforts have been repaid many fold and it is admired and appreciated by anyone who has visited us, including the local wildlife.

The garden is surrounded by beautiful, majestic oaks and very productive sweet chestnut trees. There was an existing walnut tree, but we have now planted several others, thanks to squirrels burying them in our veggie patch! The dream to have a victoria plums was fulfilled when we discovered, during our first summer here that we did, in fact, 3 already in situ!! We have planted many other types and we now have the following: 3 x almond, Apples ~ 1 each of bramley, cox's orange pippins, jonagold, golden delicious, reine de reinettes and gala, 2 x cider apples. 1 x Pear, 1 x nashi. Plums ~ 2 x victoria, 2 x mirabelle, 1 x round red., 2 x Fig, 2 x cherries, 2 x apricots, 3 x peach., 1 x medlar.

Of fruit bushes/canes we have, Raspberries (early and late), blackcurrants, redcurrants, gooseberry, amalanchia, blueberry, cultivated blackberry.

The small wood coppice has oak and chestnuts, and a small number of saplings have also been planted, along with numerous fast growing willows for using as fuel.

We have housed sheep on the large paddock, but this could be used for cultivating more crops, growing more trees, or even used for any poultry.

We understand that this house used to be serviced by a well which is where the tarmac road now is. There is a well on our neighbours land, and we have wondered whether there is a possibility to have a well in the back garden here.

The ruin could be made into two separate properties, or be made into an extension to the main house. We have previously visited the Marie to ascertain if this would be given permission for development and, at that time, this was confirmed. Obviously, you will need to carry out your own independent enquiries.

As the front of the house is south facing, solar panels could be fixed to the roof.

We have previously used the 2 bedrooms on the first floor for bed and breakfast, attracting people from all over the world. They were drawn by the character of the building and peaceful location.. It is close to many places of interest, i.e. petite cities de charactere, megalithic sites and beaches ~ during WWII "La Resistance" was based just 20 minutes away from here. Our home has also been a restful retreat for weary souls merely seeking a peaceful rest and recuperation! Being close to the Nantes Brest canal (which can reached by a short walk), we have attracted several people on biking holidays. Being in the countryside, surrounded by lots of farm tracks, makes it ideal for hiking/biking holidays too.

If you choose to, there is so much to get involved with in this area. We hosted a mini concert in our garden 2 summers ago, which was part of an appreciation of the local area and music from musicians far and near; people walked from gardens one side of the commune to the other (see photos). Lorient hosts an Interceltique music festival every year, and there are numerous Fetes during the summer celebrating and embracing the Breton way of life, past and present.

We still see a lot of potential for our home for somebody who has the funds and energy to develop it further and we will, indeed, be very sorry to be leaving here . . .

If you require any further assistance on this property please contact us and quote reference SP0054

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