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Price: 726,000 euros
Romantic new cottage with 80,000 sqm plot, Costa de Almeria, Spain
Romantic individual finca with 160 sqm living space, constructed in 1999, complete ready furnished, with a balanced mix of design highlights and unique antique furniture, one bedroom, one bathroom, guest room, swimming pool (17m x 3 m), panoramic view to the Mediterranean Sea. More details..

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The cottage is 20 meters long, 8 meters wide and 4 meters high, built as an accessible large room, there is also a large bathroom with a raised shower and bath and a guest WC.

Many furniture are unique from small series, and other classic piece of furniture by famous designers. The house will be sold as it is, that means with the complete inventory. Everything is there, from the fully equipped kitchen with all appliances and cups, plates and glasses to the shovel and a garden hose. This cottage is ready for occupancy.

The Pool of 17 x 3 m size is ideal for swimming. Autonomous solar technology delivers electricity and hot water. An open fireplace gives the house in the winter a warmth and cozy atmosphere.

The view extends to the 1000 year old olive tree, which serves as a source of shade. Two single beds can be substantiated rest guests. Over a 60 year old vine on the western front of the Finca provides delicious grapes in summer, as well as shade for the bathroom.

The Cottage consists of 2-shells, the first is a 5-hole hollow stone, then a 3-cm layer of air, the second shell is a 3-hole hollow stone. Both sides are plastered with mineral. The massive roof has also been designed with a 3-hole hollow stone. Because of this design, you also have a comfortable temperature in the summer in the house!

The floor was covered with handmade terracotta tiles in 20/20. The windows have been produced in the Moorish style of pine, stained to rosewood. All windows have interior shutters with wooden boxes. A gateway is a 17th Century, another has been made after submission. Open on three sides of the chimney is made of steel with an external air supply and provides impressive flames games.

The property uses the existing resources and is self-sufficient!

You get water from a deep well, which supplies a cistern, so you get fresh groundwater and have low costs. The effluent is discharged via a septic tank.

You produce the electricity at yourself with an excellent photovoltaic system and store it in a battery bank. So it is with the hot water, there's a new solar thermal system on the massive brick carport you get 70 degree C hot water.

The lot is 80,000 square meters. with a 1000-year-old, and a variety of more than 100-year-old Olive trees, plus different Palms, Cypresses, several Pine species Eucalyptus and Oaks. Even Agaves and Euphorbia's, and white and red Oleanders offer next to different cacti - such as the Queen of the Night - blossoming dreams in great variety. Inland lies the fertile fields of southern Spain where citrus fruit, almonds and salads are grown. The land has been planted with a practiced hand and developed.

The property is located in a nature preserve between the cities of Murcia and Almeria. The beaches here are almost deserted and beautifully located with coves, ideal for swimming.

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If you require any further assistance on this property please contact us and quote reference SP0083