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SP0096 - New Lot & 4-Bedroom Unit in Calamba, Laguna, Philippines.

We have given this property a rating of 3 on our Sustainability Rating. This is based on the following answers to our questions. Please note that the answers are given by the owners and are not validated by us.

Form blocks, steel bars

Metal roof.

Not known.

Foam insulation.


Single glazed.


Heating House?
not known.

Heating Water?
not known.

Cooking method?
not known.

not known.

not known.

Food production?
not known.

Owners opinion on sustainable features?
The residential village Ridgeview Estates is located in NUVALI- an integrated and mixed-use 2290 hectare estate development. Places of work are within easy access to homes. Parks and leisure attractions have been built in to serve as areas for social congregation, and retail areas have been designated to supply the residents' various needs.

"Buffer areas within NUVALI are also committed to be left open and preserved as a natural wildlife corridor for flora and fauna to flourish. The Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary is meant to encourage the public to appreciate and experience nature. Hopefully this will persuade residents, office employees and visitors to sincerely and conscientiously adopt a lifestyle that is environmentally attentive.

Apart from maintaining approximately 50% balance between built and open areas, other environmental sustainability features include bio-swales and permeable surfacing to help recharge groundwater aquifer, double piping for use of recycled water and a multi-purpose lake feature for rainwater harvesting; fire reserve; and recycled water reservoir for use in landscaping irrigation and other uses which do not require potable water. In addition, low flow water fixtures have been installed in NUVALI structures together with efficient lighting fixtures, appliances, and equipment.

An efficient privately managed transit system like electric vans are in place to shuttle people within and around the development. Launched in November 2011, NUVALI's transport terminal links NUVALI to other town centers and regional hubs.

There is a maintenance of tree to house ratio for better environmental air quality, reduce soil erosion, and improved water retention; tree-lined pedestrian and bike lanes to encourage walking and a healthier lifestyle, while reducing emissions from use of motor vehicles; and sewer treatment plants for better sewer management and waste water reclamation. One advantage of NUVALI is that it enjoys the proven estate management expertise of Ayala Property Management Corp. (APMC.) Among other advantages, this translates to an efficient waste management system from segregation at source to disposal.

At NUVALI, there is a "live-work-relax-grow" lifestyle balance for homeowners in their communities. There is an interaction of neighbors and communities through open spaces, parks and recreational areas, where residents may develop a sense of community spirit that will encourage them to work for the continuous well-being of their neighborhoods.

At NUVALI, apart from hiring majority of its workforce for property management from residents of surrounding communities, partnerships have been forged with non-governmental organizations to train neighboring communities on values, marketable skills, leadership and community structures.

There is, for example the "Alay sa Komunidad Program" conceptualized to support the local communities of Sta. Rosa and Calamba, to uplift their living standards by providing employment opportunities, support in starting their own businesses, extending outreach programs and encouraging them to apply sustainable practices in their everyday lives.

"May Kabuhayan", a combined employment and livelihood training program for the communities of Sta. Rosa and Calamba, is designed to provide training on basic skills in the industries of paper weaving, pavers and hollow blocks making, and landscaping.

Noteworthy is a school in NUVALI that will provide scholarship to 25% of its total student population who live in the neighboring communities.

NUVALI is looking forward to becoming the most advanced business district in Calabarzon. With generous open spaces in a campus setting, this economic center will be unlike any of the existing business districts in the Philippines today.

Currently available to investors is the Lakeside Evozone, the 46-hectare, FAR (floor area ratio) 4 development that is PEZA-registered which allows its locators to enjoy tax incentives and advantages to enhance business competitiveness. Evozone is highlighted by recreational amenities such as the multi-functional lake, the Greenway, and dedicated bike and pedestrian lanes. Facilities and infrastructure that will boost business productivity at NUVALI's Lakeside Evozone include telecom redundancy including hi- speed internet and connectivity through a well thought out road network inside NUVALI that conveniently connects to adjacent areas. A dependable and efficient transport system for employees commuting to work is also prioritized and put into practice.

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