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SP0098 - Unique Eco-Lodge with camping facilities and further development potential, Cabo de Gata Park, Almeria, Spain.

We have given this property a rating of 4 on our Sustainability Rating. This is based on the following answers to our questions. Please note that the answers are given by the owners and are not validated by us.

The property is 70% Stone & slate (sourced from the mill's riverbed), hemp and yeso plaster used is quarried and sourced locally. Cement is sourced locally

Traditional concrete flat roof with wood-beamed ceilings. Flat roof design to capture and store rain water.

Hemp, lime, straw - Hemp & lime rendered walls. External walls are 2.5 ft. thick made with local stone and coated and insulated with three hemp layers and internally with two layers of local yeso plaster and paint. The walls cool the house in the summer and hold warmth in the winter. Under-floor straw insulation, helping cool the floor in the summer and warm it in the winter.

Thick Timber structure act as insulation.

100% windows and doors reclaimed. Wood and single glazed. 75% of all timber reclaimed or from sustainable sources.

Single glazed.


Heating House?
Wood burners with ducting that distribute warm air to other rooms, gas heaters if needed.

Heating Water?
Solar water collector, gas boiler.

Cooking method?
Bottled gas.

Entirely solar powered with generator ( backup).

Mains water. The roof water is captured into a water tank/dip pool treated with ozone in the front of the property and reused to irrigate the gardens.
Automatic irrigation systems from sinks, baths and showers water the gardens.

Food production?
Olives and olive oil production for home use. Garden produces some nispero's (loquats), lemons, oranges, tomatoes and herbs.

Income possibilities?
Accommodation rentals; Walking and painting holidays; organised tours; Museum and tourist attraction; Retreats/ Spa facilities.

Owners opinion on sustainable features?
The eco-lodge was designed for contemporary living and renovated to the highest standards using high quality natural materials. The building is built into the rock and has a cave within the property, which channels cool air from the stream underneath the building. Above the cave is a grill embedded in the floor through which the cooler air enters the living space above, providing a natural and cost-free air conditioning in the summer.

The design fuses original ancient design with practical and artistic touches. The building has many original features and restored traditionally woven cane and beam ceilings. Antique windows and stable style doors were reformed. Slate and original ceramic tiles were cleaned and relayed, cobble stones for the drive and sandstone slabs for the doorsteps.

The property is designed to be very affordable to run. No electric bills, low gas and water bills.

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