>Sustainable Rating for property SP0093

SP0100 - Living the good life in Turkey.

We have given this property a rating of 3 on our Sustainability Rating. This is based on the following answers to our questions. Please note that the answers are given by the owners and are not validated by us.

Stone from local quarry

Tiles, with wooden interior roof and beams.

Thick stone walls.

Very little due to warm climate.

Wooden frames.

Single glazed.


Heating House?
Fireplace in living room, zorbar (wood burner can be used in winter if needed.

Heating Water?
Solar panels.

Cooking method?
Electric oven with gas hob and outdoor bbq.

Mains at moment but solar power potential.

Mains, although many local small holdings have their own well (could be dug on plot.

Food production?
Fruit trees, vegetables, scope for livestock though none presently.

Food production - %?
Potentially 75-80%.

Income possibilities?
Lettings, owners would have various options with the two villa setup and pool, though living in one and renting the other is possibly the most suitable.

Owners opinion on sustainable features?
100% financial sustainability, with just a few weeks holidays lets this property easily covers the low outgoings.

Solar panels could be used to produce abundant electricity, addition connected agricultural land could be purchased for a small cost for more livestock and crops.

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