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55,000 Euros
FINCA with 5862 sq mts Irrigated Land, Castellon, Spain.
This property has now been SOLD
Fenced, fertile land, plentiful water supply, planted with citrus trees, all kinds of nut trees, vines large vegetable patch. Backing on to National Park. Automated piped watering system. Swimming Pool, Garage with Pasquali Tractor & Mechanical Mule.... More details..

  Sustainable Rating - 3    Report

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The property is completely Legal. This type of Finca is not allowed to be built now , so the stock available is all there is and will be for the future.

The house is built, in typical style of the area, of concrete blocks with a flat tiled roof to collect rain water which runs into a huge tank under the house. It has two double bedrooms a large living room/kitchen, opening onto a large terrace, and a toilet. The shower room is down a few steps, off the second terrace, where you could put in an additional shower room if needed.

The water for the sink can be from the tank below the house or from the reservoir water. The reservoir water is also for the land with automated feed, being apportioned to growers in the valley at a very cheap agricultural rate. The electricity is on mains with a smart meter. There is a large veranda which is covered, with huge table, (by the front door). This is where the Spanish generally 'Live and eat'. The weather being so pleasant all year, there has been no attempt to glaze in the terrace, but it could be done if you so wished with relevant permission, thereby gained additional inside living space. The house is clean and tidy, with electricity, wooden windows with shutters and bars. It is built on solid rock. The veranda overlooks the valley full of orange groves and almonds, so you get the fantastic smell of the orange blossom, for most of the year. There is plenty of sun!

The garage /workshop is underneath the terrace. We keep the tractor there and all the tools. Next to it is another lock up store.

There is a second big lower shaded terrace, which includes a lockup room, with the proper chimneys, to cook paella. Next to that are the kennels, for the former owner's dogs, which we have occassionally used for our cats. Had we chickens, they would be ideal for that. This second terrace is another 'living ' area,with sink and washing machine. The Spanish move around with the sun, or shade. Next we come to the swimming pool, which is filled from the reservoir water, which can be flushed out to water the land. It has a wire fence around it, with locking gate, so safe to leave with water in, as children and animals cannot get in. It is, as they typically do it, painted blue with special pool paint, readily available at supermarkets. If you wished to tile the whole thing, that is not difficult or too expensive a job. There is an open area around the house, with pine trees for shade. This, again is typical, and the pine trees in the valley are protected. The smell of pine is wonderful, too. On our land which is 5.800mtrs sq. all fenced in, we have mainly orange trees, with nectarines, figs, almonds, cherries, grapes, nesperos, apricots, walnuts, lemons, bay trees, and ploughed plots for vegetables.

There are large green wheely bins for rubbish throughout the valley at strategic points, and local recycling depots.

There are 2 septic tanks, one for the toilet in the house and the other for the shower room/toilet.

The property backs on to the Calderona National Park, with views across the valley of the Espadan mountains. The views are fabulous, and the mountains beautiful. No building is now allowed in the surrounding National Parks.

As for horses and riding , again the property is straight on to hundreds of miles of tracks. They breed horses up in the Calderona range.

The house is ten kilometres south of Segorbe, twenty mins to coast at Sagunto, with beautiful beaches, 45 mins from Valencia airport and the same from the new airport at Castellon. It is two k from the autopista all of which is free in this part of Spain. Please look up how historic and interesting these towns, and Valencia city are. The shopping in Valencia is great too. A local bus whizzes straight into Valencia bus station, from where you can easily explore the city by foot, bike, taxi, or metro. There is also a local train into the city.

The last owner, who we have known for years used this finca as a family second home, and to supplement his income from the fruit he produced, as is typical there. They sell the extra to the local 'Co op'. We have never done this, as we are not there permanently.

The reason we wish to sell, is we have a project on in the UK and just don't have the time and energy for everything.

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If you require any further assistance on this property please contact us and quote reference SP0118