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SP0120 - Beautiful off grid glamping site near Penamacor in Central Portugal for sale.

We have given this property a rating of 3 on our Sustainability Rating. This is based on the following answers to our questions. Please note that the answers are given by the owners and are not validated by us.

The small stone house is constructed of stone and the roof has been replaced recently. The main barn and outbuildings are constructed of rendered concrete block.

There is a tiled roof on the large barn and sandwich board roof on the small stone house.

Polystyrene insulation in main barn and plasterboard. Sandwich board with polystyrene on the stone house.

Polystyrene insulation.


Double glazed.


Heating House?
Wood burners and gas.

Heating Water?
Gas boilers and solar heated through piping.

Cooking method?
Gas 5 ring cooker with large oven, electric grill. Also a number of additional gas rings for outdoor cooking. BBQ and bread oven.

Solar panels x 9 120 watt each, 125 ah leisure batteries.

We use our own water from the wells. pumping it up to a 1000 litre holding tank. we treat the water and have a filter but do not use it for drinking. We then use an electric pump to take water to the tipis, stone house and into our barn and for the washing machine.
We collect drinking water from the nearby fonte in the village of Aguas which has pure and excellent drinking water. people come from miles to collect this water.

Food production?
We have a chemical free vegetable garden which produces throughout the year. Very fertile soil as we have been allowing the top soil to recover since we arrived.
270 olive trees 170 vines, oranges, tangerines, peaches, figs, apples, pears, goji berries, a herb garden, almond, cherry, plum, apricot plenty of space to plant more!
We have free range chickens, ducks and a goose and therefore have a constant source of eggs and allow the chickens to breed. We have a mixture of silkies, bantams, phoenix who have their own outhouses to lay and sleep in. The ducks have a sharka (large pond) and the goose lives happily with all the other animals. The animal barns would be sufficient to keep additional animals, for example goats, sheep or pigs.

Income possibilities?
Glamping guests all year around. Olive oil production and sale. Workshops. Markets in the area for selling crafts etc. Tours can also be arranged into the nature reserve to see local honey producers, cheese making etc. Also rock climbing and horse riding can be organised with local contacts. We also run film nights with a large outdoor screen and projector and often cook and serve meals.

Owners opinion on sustainable features?
We are as self sufficient as we can be with no bills other than internet and gas bottles and wood in the winter to supplement what we collect on the land and around. We grow enough to keep us going most of the year and dry and store as much as we can.

The life here is simple but hard work at times (to be realistic) but there is nothing more satisfying that working for yourself, welcoming people to visit and experience your lifestyle and sharing the experience. People come back year after year for the peace and quiet, beauty and healing feeling they get when they come and stay.

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