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5 adjacent parcels,
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150 Acre Tropical Hardwood Plantation For Sale, Panama
Clean fertile land close to Panama City, forested and reforested with high value native tropical hardwoods. Asking price: Plantation consists of 5 adjacent parcels: 33 acre lot 700K USD; 14.5 acres lot 365K USD; 40 acre lot 720K UDS; 38 acre lot 425K USD; 27 acre lot 280K UDS. Asking for entire property 2M USD. Can negociate partial sale. More details...

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150 acre Tropical Hardwood Plantation Property near Panama Canal For Sale. Ideal for Sustainability and Self sufficiency

150 acre (63 hectare), fully titled property, environmental authority registered forestry plantation.

Includes 33 acres Teak trees up to 15 yrs old, 85 acres native tropical hardwoods up to 15 yrs old including Cocobolo, Mahogany, Purpleheart, and many others in pure and mixed stands, some with 20 mt high closed canopies, (aproximately 30,000 planted valuable hardwood trees after thinning total). Additionally, many native non-commercial tree species and flora.

Also, aprox 60 acres of shade grown Robusta Coffee planted among trees. hundreds of fruit trees, bananas and plantain.

Improved pastures, livestock pond. Very fertile soil. No use of insecticides no herbicides. Only mechanical bush cutting, chop and drop, permaculture methods.

Community water & electricity. Easy access with hundreds of meters of paved road frontage. Easy reliable water table for well source. Backed by vast expanse of unspoilt tropical rainforest. Abundant natural resources.

Close to Panama City and major highways. This estate consists of 5 separate but adjacent titled properties. Asking 2M for the 5. Would consider parcial sale, or reasonable and feasable investment offer.

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Cocobolo Shorts

Cocobolo Stand

Large Cocobolo Tree

Mahogany April 15

Last Container

Teak Logs


Teak Thinnings

If you require any further assistance on this property please contact us and quote reference SP0128