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Eco Village Development Seeking Partner(s), France
Plans are in place for an eco hamlet and learning & cultural centre for living and holidaying, on our fully restored, 17th century chateau estate in rural France. The property lies in the heart of 30 acres of parklands and forests in the midst of quiet, deep-green nature, surrounded by hills & mountains, forests & lakes in the eastern Dordogne, one of most unspoilt regions of France. This is a unique development and is ready to launch.
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The chateau is already running as a successful holiday and event rental with a turnover of €50k per annum and a gross profit of €32k. In addition to this, outline planning permission is in place to create an eco-village around the chateau for residential and/or holiday use, with up to twenty-three small 'eco-houses' blending into the landscape.

Plans include the chateau 'hub' offering education, leisure and cultural activities for both visitors and residents; a small restaurant in the chateau; a multi-functional workshop space; the swimming pool (existing); a sauna and a communal space, as well as access to acres of forest and fields on the property The whole site aims to be a showcase for sustainable living.

We have completed the following:

1. Designs, plans & cost estimates for 14 ecological cabins which are fully integrated for comfortable, off-grid living, as well as large, individual garden plots and additional facilities

2. Plot & site layout & surveys

3. Site studies & price estimates

4. Plot sales plan starting in May, 2017

The property is currently valued at €1.45 million. Total plot & house sales are estimated at €3.3m with a healthy return on investment.

We are seeking 1, 2 or 3 partners/co-owners. The total funding amount required is €660k. You can either be involved full-time, part-time or just invest funds. There is a cottage ready for co-owners. Currently this is one home but it can be divided into three 2-bedroom homes very easily and inexpensively. Each co-owner can then live here and help with the development if they wish. The current owner and project founder will be 'hands on' too in the development.

If you would like to be part of this exciting venture and if you believe in great possibilities for the future of sustainable living, then please get in touch.

Please see our Project Summary and our website.

If you require any further assistance on this property please contact us and quote reference SP0143

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If you require any further assistance on this property please contact us and quote reference SP0143