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$ 499,000 USD
100 Acres Self-Sustaining Eco-Estate In Costa Rica Blue Zone
Self-Sustaining Ecologically Pristine Estate. Your very own peaceful Nature Sanctuary in the heart of the Blue Zone in the Nicoya Peninsula in Beautiful Costa Rica! .
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Your very own Mountain Paradise in the heart of the Blue Zone in the Nicoya Peninsula in Beautiful Costa Rica!

100 acres (40+/- hectares) of pristine land, just 20 minutes outside the city of Nicoya (where the largest hospital in the region is located), 10 minutes from the pretty town of Hojancha, and 5km from the beautiful village of La Mansión. This is one of only 5 Blue Zones of the world, offering the longest life expectancy and best quality of health available on the planet. Limitless, mineral rich pure spring water born right on the land, edible forest comprising of 2000 producing fruit trees of 60 different types of fruits, and total off grid living potential. The fruit trees require no irrigation and are completely adapted to this regions' climate and are completely drought resistant.

The property boasts two recently built structures: one 3 bedroom/2 bathroom luxury colonial style ranch and a large aquaponics/organic farmhouse + complete industrial kitchen building. There's a 3rd eco-cabin made of recycled plastic bottles and Ferro cement being completed now.

This unique valley and mountain view property is in the heart of a biological corridor called Cerros de Jesus. You will have your very own private wildlife preserve plus two micro climates. It is a hidden treasure that also includes a very long list of additional attributes and extras to make it a truly once in a lifetime opportunity for the right buyer:

  • Year round abundant pure spring water provided by gravity to all the buildings in the property; multiple pristine water sources, distribution tanks, and wells accessible throughout.

  • 30 hectares of flat open and gently sloping to flat land with flowing creeks, cascades, and waterfalls with natural rock pools to wade in, a true Nature lover's dream come true!

  • Perfectly flat terraces abound with amazing views, large enough for many more houses or cabins. Overall there are about 80 acres of perfect level land on the property perfectly suitable for building more structures. Completely tranquil and extremely safe community! Live in total peace and serenity. No crime, just pure Nature and serenity.

  • Largest and only of its kind aquaponics system greenhouse in Costa Rica with bountiful fish and vegetables ready to harvest year round.

  • Edible and drought resistant landscape: Amazing variety in the edible fruit forest comprising of 2000 mature bearing trees of 60 different types of fruits plus exotic acerola cherries, turmeric, pomegranate, and so much more!

  • Bio-fuel plantation for year round biodiesel production; Teak & Melina trees ready to harvest now + 2500 endangered reforested Ron Ron trees (20 more years to harvest).

  • One extremely well maintained vehicle included: 2006 Mitsubishi Montero 4x4

  • Bird paradise: Ornithologist will love viewing hundreds of rare exotic birds all in just one place! Slaty Tailed and black headed Trogon, Squirrel Cuckoo, turquoise browed motmot, long-tailed manakin, laughing falcon, toucans, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, hawks, and many more including hundreds of migrating species.

  • Would suit an intentional community, holistic medicine retreat, post surgery rehabilitation resort, eco-resort, yoga retreat center, organic farm, educational center, subdivide in separate parcels or just a secluded getaway with stunning views for a discerning buyer.

  • 20 hectares are a biological reserve/eco-park education center fed by 100% spring water. Government pays $1300/year "protection plan" to preserve this tract of land.

  • Archaeological sites on the property.


Built in 2001: 3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms, open plan dining room & kitchen with amazing exotic wood vaulted ceiling throughout the whole house design.
Exotic native wood custom furniture throughout, big lounge room and veranda with beautiful amazing sweeping valley and mountain views.
Large terrace and corridors around the whole house. Large room could be used as a workshop or additional room. Separate cold room with a/c for storage.
Extremely solid concrete home constructed to withstand strong earthquakes as well as any other natural disaster.
  • Pure spring water is provided to the house by gravity from own private protected spring source.

  • Internal gravel roads with lots of infrastructure such as concrete bridges, concrete culverts and drainage.

  • Lots of hiking trails throughout the property and nature preserve.


Brand new, built in 2010. There are 6 large reinforced concrete fish tanks that use fish nitrogen rich water to feed the plants above and at the same time the plants filter and oxygenate the water that is returned to the fish tanks. Tanks are all cement concrete block with rebar, not dirt: 42 feet long x 5 feet wide x 4 feet deep (14 meters long x 1.5 meters deep x 1 meter wide).

This is the largest and only aquaponics building of its kind in Costa Rica, if not all of Central America.
Can also cultivate shrimp, exotic aquarium fish, or even spirulina.
Each tank has the capacity to produce between 3000 to 5000 fish (tilapia, shrimp, guapote and also aquarium fish). Currently very well stocked with fish ready to harvest any time.
The system is fully enclosed and you can grow vegetables organically using the nitrogen-rich water from the fish tanks in this amazing closed loop system.
No water is wasted. Continuous crops from fish and plants all year using very little energy.

The aquaponics building features a very large complete industrial grade kitchen with shower facility, bathroom, and large storage room. A very large event hall can be used as the fish and vegetable work area, conference and learning center or even a small restaurant or cafe.
When all 6 tanks are fully functioning and full time producing, the revenues with two annual fish crops alone of 5000 fish per tank (without considering the organic vegetables produced simultaneously) would be around $80,000 US dollars. The system can be fully self-sustained producing the food (duckweed) for the fish and running the pumps on solar power. The fish do not require any antibiotics or other medicines.


Below the mountain and private forest preserve is a mixture of edible forest comprising of 2000 fruit trees and other seasonal crops, all 100% organic, with some large open areas used to grow crops such as 8 types of citrus fruits, 5 types of mango, papaya, dragon fruit, bread fruit, black zapote (aka chocolate mousse fruit), rose apples, cashews, avocado, banana, guava, yucca, chili peppers, aloe vera, watercress, okra, Kerson cherry (cotton candy) fruit, Jamaica/hibiscus, pigeon peas, Mayan spinach, sweet corn, moringa trees are among 60 different types of fruits. All fruit trees and edible forest require NO irrigation and are drought resistant.


In the heart of the biological corridor, Cerros de Jesús. Connects from Nicaragua all the way through Costa Rica and Panama. Reforested sections of land with over 11,000 native endangered exotic trees to encourage the return of more fauna. Can be made open to the public as a wildlife education center, or build trails throughout for easy wildlife viewing and spectacular views of the valley below.


Including jaguarundi, ocelot, puma, white tail deer, kinkajou, coati, Guanacaste anteater, rabbits, several types of frogs (great indication of a healthy environment), and turtles. Reforestation project has attracted copious amounts of birds, white faced and howler monkeys, and many more.


Aloe Vera plantation, gourd trees (food and biofuel), neem trees (a natural insect repellent and medicinal), pencil tree (natural "gasoline"), rum-berry trees (put in rum for yummy flavor), guanabana/soursop (medicinal), turmeric plantation, Ceylon cinnamon trees, jatrophra curcas for biodiesel and many more!.


There are 4 major underground aquifers on the property, plus several natural springs and creeks with waterfalls. The main spring is born inside the forest preserve and runs all year round feeding by gravity both houses and the aquaponics operation. Back up wells are ready to go if needed. There are NO factories, NO farms, NO agricultural runoff, NO city ground or air pollution in the whole region. Water is as pure as it can be!

Highly ionized area. Lends itself for Ion collectors going into battery packs to harvest electricity as an alternative energy source.


Chorotega culture archeological sites on the property. Have found tools, pottery, axes, etc. Stone tools and pottery shards: animal forms made out of clay. Chorotega people descended from Mayans.

Full turn key operation offered at $499,000 US Dollars firm. The typical price for land in Guanacaste/Nicoya Peninsula is from $5 to $8 dollars a square meter. We are asking way below $1 US Dollar a square meter and the property consists of 40 Hectares. Not to take in account of all the infrastructure electricity (new roads, concrete bridges, concrete culverts and drainage, etc.).

Included with the sale is one perfect condition 4X4 vehicle, one fully completely furnished home with thousands of dollars in almost new furniture. Fully stocked and functioning aquaponics system with large commercial size kitchen with living quarters, thousands of producing fruit trees in the edible forests.

Amazing opportunity for all this at $499,000 US Dollars.

If you require any further assistance on this property please contact us and quote reference SP0146

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If you require any further assistance on this property please contact us and quote reference SP0146