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SP0156 - Yurts with 3.7 hectares, organic, near Malaga, Spain

We have given this property a rating of 3 on our Sustainability Rating. This is based on the following answers to our questions. Please note that the answers are given by the owners and are not validated by us.

Two Yurts (wood and fabric), Two tipis (wood and fabric). Bathroom: reclaimed wood, tyres; small amount of bricks and concrete for structure.

As above. Bathroom flat roof, yurts domed. Tipis triangular.

Rockwool (subfloor); felted pure wool (roof and walls).

Felted wool, fabric.

Yurts have no wall windows; openable dome with flexible PVC cover.

single glazed.


Heating House?
Gas heater. Insulation and gentle seasonal variation mean it's rarely needed. Also a wood burner.

Heating Water?
Gas. Solar possible.

Cooking method?
Gas cooker.

Solar panels provide all electricity.

Own well. Grey water recycling and rainwater collection with 3500 litre storage provide all water necessary for the vegetable garden.

Food production?
Dozens of olive and almond trees.

Food production - %?
10% (could easily be increased; we're building more terracing).

Income possibilities?
Letting: Nights in comparable yurts in Andalucia rent for 65 euros per night.
Retreats/courses: The setting is perfect for short courses or yoga retreats; we've had enquiries from local teachers.

Owners opinion on sustainable features:
Off grid solar, own water source. Very low "embodied carbon" in structures: foundations of yurts are made mostly with stone sourced from the property itself, floors are made almost exclusively from upcycled, re-treated wood, and so forth. A great deal of work has been invested in making the site as low-impact as possible, even where this meant, for example, hand sanding hundreds of boards (before we had electricity).

Unlike neighbouring properties, our hillside is covered in a rich mantle of mixed growth, due to our "no-till" policy, while terracing increases water absorption, preventing run-off and erosion. Furthermore, due to a previous period lying fallow and to our avoidance of any non-organic agricultural products, the land has been organic (by intention or by default) for around 30 years.

We are continually working to improve the property, and will keep doing so until it sells.

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