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Price: 150,000 euros
Yurts with 3.7 hectares, organic, near Malaga, Spain
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15km from Malaga city centre, and just ten from the beach. Panoramic sea views. Two yurts (total 70sqm), plus bathroom with raw rock walls dug into the hillside, and guest tipis. 1.1kWp solar installation with backup generator, and own well. Several dozen olive and almond trees. More details..

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Beautiful hillside finca with two yurts, solar panels and own well, a quick drive from the centre of Malaga city. Panoramic sea views, and a short walk from the small traditional village of Olias. Buses run from there to the city. El Palo, a suburb of Malaga with numerous schools, shops and services is just 10km away. Excellent as a family or holiday home, or for retreats and eco-tourism.

The property has 37 000 square metres of land. (3,7 ha; 9.1 acres). There are several dozen olive and almond trees, and fertile terracing with tomatoes, lettuces, aubergines, peppers etc. The hillside also provides plenty of wild mushrooms in the autumn months, and the entire property has been organic for around thirty years. There is access directly from the Malaga road, with an internal private track. The village has bars, shops and a small medical centre.

The two yurts, each of 35 square metres, were imported from Mongolia and have four-layer insulation and weather proofing, for comfortable temperatures year round. The centre of the roof opens easily to let more light in. Wooden elements feature colourful traditional designs. Fridge, cabinets and some furniture, plus wood burning stove, are included. Both yurts have wifi, and there is a landline phone.

Power comes from a 1.1kWp solar panel installation, with 3kW inverter and top of the range OPzS batteries, all less than two years old. Nine or ten months of the year this provides everything we need for fridge, power tools, laptops, phones, lights etc. December-January we tend to turn the fridge off at night, and run a generator occasionally to maintain battery capacity. The generator is included.

The bathroom, with hot shower and bath, is dug into the hillside. Raw rock walls; floor paved with stones from around the mountain. Water is heated by gas, but there is space on the bathroom roof for the installation of solar hot water panels. There is also an outdoor solar shower with views of the sea, and a well-managed dry compost toilet.

The bathroom has two brick columns and a thin layer of concrete over a ceramic vault roof, but the floor and walls are 90% eco-built. It's set back into the hillside, so the back wall and the greater part of the side walls are pure, untouched bedrock, with the remaining side walls made from mud, straw and glass bottles. The mud is sourced on site, as there are extensive areas of clay-rich soil that makes an excellent construction material. We have also used it for other features, such as around the foundations of the yurts. The front wall of the bathroom has a lower brick portion, with a larger glass upper section that provides views of the sea and across the valley. The bathroom floor is paved with a variety of sizable stones from around the hillside.

There are two tipis of 4-6 square metres, waterproofed and lightly insulated. Good for guests or AirBnB. View AirBnB reviews.

There is a six square metre tool-shed, complete with various tools. It includes workbenches, nested tool racks, and extensive additional storage units along the walls and ceiling.

We have rainwater collection and grey water recycling systems, which provide all the water we need for growing vegetables, even in midsummer. The property has a deep well with fresh water. We are in the process of installing the pump. Please note that the well is fully licensed, which is unusual in this area. The pump could be run by solar panels or a generator; we have the technical plan for the additional solar that would be necessary and could help you with installation if you wanted to pursue this option. Please contact us to discuss this. Alternatively, you could connect to the main electrical grid which runs along the edge of the property. Higher up the hill are water storage tanks with a capacity of ten thousand litres, which provide excellent water pressure.

Due to its size, the property is permitted a 300 square metre, one-storey bricks-and-mortar building. Development would need to be discussed with the town council. There is plenty of space for more yurts, tipis etc., and these do not require any permission.

We are asking €150 000 for this thoughtfully designed and well-loved, extremely sustainable property. We would also consider selling or renting half of the property; please enquire.

The owners are available for consultation and so if you are new to this style of life and would like help in settling in they would be very willing to offer their experience and explain exactly how everything works.

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If you require any further assistance on this property please contact us and quote reference SP0156