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SP0158 - ECOLOGICAL house on PERMACULTURAL land in the Sierra Nevada (Granada), Spain

We have given this property a rating of 4 on our Sustainability Rating. This is based on the following answers to our questions. Please note that the answers are given by the owners and are not validated by us.

Natural ecological materials : strawbales, wooden structure and lime mortar. The technique used is "GREB" : The GREB technique was developed in Canada. It combines various components : straw bales are used as filling material in a timber load bearing structure reinforced with metallic ties between each layer of straw bales. The straw bales are then rendered in between the wood posts.

Traditional Alpujarrenian almost-flat roof. Perfectly waterproof with its EPDM rubber made of one piece/sheet.

Straw bales.

Straw bales.

Wooden - timber window frames, with double rubber insulation sealing.

Double glazed.


Heating House?
wood stove : we are self-sufficient in logs : coming from the land (pruning the trees).

Heating Water?
Solar water heater : 40 liters at 50°C/day : link to more information.

Cooking method?
Solar cooker (April till October), Oven in the upper part of the wood stove (November till March), Gas cooker to cook faster.

Solar electricity :
  • 2 Solar photovoltaic panels 230 Wc
  • 6 Open lead-acid batteries 12V - 250 Ah : allowing 3-days' autonomy
  • Regulator MPPT, to protect and recharge batteries under 14V
  • Lighting : 12V bulbs - 4,8W of 80 LED smd (2700°K / 400 lumen / angle of 150°)

Water from the mountains
  • 1 natural spring on the land (full ownership)
  • Watering rights through the 'acequias': 15,5 hours / week
  • Water deposit tank 1 : 45.000 litres
  • Water deposit tank 2 : 20.000 litres >/li>
  • 1 underground tank (water for the house) : 12.000 litres + water castle (800 litres)
  • 5 smaller tanks for watering (total of 5.500 litres)
  • A second spring (drinkable) and a pool of 10.000 litres outside the property with right of use (50meters from the house)
  • I n summer, you can swim in the water tanks and pools...

Food production?
3 vegetable gardens with fruits trees: +/- 500 m² (~5500 sq ft) of living soil (with protection fence) where you can grow all kind of vegetable.
  • Fruit trees: 150 olive trees, 15 almond trees, and many other trees: prune, cherry, pear, apple, peach, orange, mandarin, lemon, fig, pomegranate, loquat, medlar, mulberries, quince, vines...
  • Plants : asparagus, garlic, fennel, rosemary, thyme, oat, alfalfa, vetch, clover, mints, horse tail, capers

Food production - %?
75% of the vegetable and fruit (could be more, depending on the time dedicated to the garden). 100% of the eggs.

Income possibilities?
Production and sale of olive oil 'virgin extra': 150 productive olive trees: +/- 150 (> 20 years old). Main variety: Picual, Martena and Lechin. 50-60 kg olives per tree ; good years with more than 7500 kg, i.e. minimum 1500 liters of oil.

Owners opinion on sustainable features:
self-sufficient, working in autonomy for: water, hot water, electricity, logs and solar cooking.

We are a family of 2 adults and 2 children (3 and 5 years old). We are living in this place since 2010 and have been taking care of the land continuously during 8 years.

Now, we are forced to move to Belgium for family reasons (we could explain more when we meet), and are looking for energetic people loving nature, tranquillity, stunning landscapes, to take care of this place in which we have put so much.

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