>Sustainable Rating for property SP0161

SP0161 - 40+ acre off-grid paradise, Sierra Nevada (Granada), Spain

We have given this property a rating of 4 on our Sustainability Rating. This is based on the following answers to our questions. Please note that the answers are given by the owners and are not validated by us.

Stone from the site with lime and hemp. I am an architect who runs sustainable architecture/permaculture courses on the land and buildings so the constrcution is of upmost importance.

Chestnut beams with extra layers of hempcrete (hemp and lime) for insulation.

Hempcrete (hemp and lime).

Hempcrete (hemp and lime).


Double glazed.

Heating House?
Wood burning stoves.

Heating Water?

Cooking method?
Gas, wood burner or bread oven.

6KW solar system.

Please ask for further information if interested, the proposed house has been passed using the construction methods/materials described above.

Spring owned and used solely by this property. (very large aljibe, underground water storage tank, three huge albercas above ground water storage containers, a pond and a pool.... all between 100,000 litres to 150,000 litres each).

Food production?
Oak forest of hundreds of years with existing mature trees of figs, mulberries, persimmon, almond, olive etc. New permaculture food forest grown in 2015 consisting of hundreds of trees in variety of fruits and nuts. Chicken, duck and dog enclosures.

Food production - %?
60% in huerta vegetable patch.

Income possibilities?
Possible rural tourism (casa rural status with all the additional buildings as a rural retreat). Vast amount of land can mean that even more than the four existing buildings could be applied for. Planning permission for house and out buildings includes business of bees for honey production, vineyard of cabinet sauvignon vines, hemp production and a tree nursery (some of these projects have already commenced and will be sold with the property).

Owners opinion on sustainable features:
Completely self sufficient off-grid finca, with a plentiful drinkable water source from a spring owned by the property which comes out of a water cave and straight into an underground water storage tank and piped to all the buildings. Substantial solar system of only a few years old which suplements all power for the farm and house including power tools and washing machines, freezers, projectors and computers etc.

The plans for the house (including a full 3D digital model which you can walk around the proposed building or watch sun path animation etc) have been designed by a recognised architect who is the director of a sustiainable building course for London's Architectural Association and features many custom and bespoke features however the new owners will be able to put their own taste/flavour to the building. All architects project, drawings, building quotes etc can be supplied to the new owner. The existing owners are very large advocates of permaculture practices and have started to grow a substantial food forest for any one who is looking to protect themselves against an uncertain future. Many events such as weddings and educational cources have been conducted on the property. A lot of furniture, tools and building materials will also be included in the sale. This beautiful property has huge potential and is waiting for someone to turn it into their dream home/retreat.

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