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SP0171 - 50 acre off grid organic farm with two houses, a cabina and pool in Costa Rica.

We have given this property a rating of 4 on our Sustainability Rating. This is based on the following answers to our questions. Please note that the answers are given by the owners and are not validated by us.

Hardwood and cement.




No windows- open air houses.



Heating House:?
No heating.

Heating Water?
Solar water heater.

Cooking method?
Natural Gas.

Solar panels.


Food production?
The property came with a few mature fruit trees, and we have planted hundreds of different fruit trees since we purchased the property in 2014. Many of these trees are now producing. We use zero chemical fertilizers or pesticides, so everything is organic.
These are the current mature(producing) fruit trees: four cashew, five cacao(chocolate), many papaya, two coconut, three mango, numerous guavas and ice cream beans, one achiote(lipstick tree), one miracle fruit, several moringa, three rambutan, two soursop, two atemoya, several lemon, and one chili pepper tree.
Other trees that we planted in 2014, but have not produced yet: one fig, one almond, one finger(caviar) lime, two jaboticaba(should be ready anytime), five breadfruit(should also be ready anytime), many types of citrus, passionfruit, star fruit, many coconuts, green bamboo for building, many types of cacao, ice cream bean, cashew, avocado, morninga, and mango.
There are also many edible plants on the property. There are hundreds of mature banana plants(many different types), so there is a constant supply of bananas. Other plants that are currently producing are: white pineapple(around 30 plants), many yucca/cassava/tapioca, tons of taro, pigeon peas, and many greens(katuk, bele, chaya, moringa.

Food production - %?
Depends on the eating preferences of a person. If someone was a raw vegan it could supply 100% of their diet. For an average person I would say a cautious estimate of 25%.

Income possibilities?
Rental of one of the houses, creation of more lodging, farm tours, fruit sales, charging for tourists to walk the trails, perfect location for a restaurant.

Owners opinion on sustainable features:
Own water and power source, constant supply of bananas, different fruits year round.

Not supplied.

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