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Price: 70,000 euros
2.5 hectare Quinta in central Portugal, for self sufficiency, eco tourism.
A small Quinta with lots of different buildings, a small 2 bed cottage, large 5 roomed stone house with modern extention, outdoor kitchen, 16 sq m shaded patio area for eating or yoga?. Totally off grid, with solar electricity and running water in all buildings and flushing toilets to septic tank. Main house is a project to finish.
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OFF GRID Quinta of approximately 2.5 Hectares, of fertile land.

The quinta lies in a natural valley and consists of meadow, woodland and cultivated areas. Situated 500 metres from a quiet village with bus service, shop, cafes, and the areas favourite free drinking water fountain.

Main Accommodation :

54 sq m traditional stone house with new roof and new concrete extension of 40 sq. m. with the same roof covering, giving a total of 94 sq,m, living space in 5 rooms. Steel shutters to add security to the windows.
The plan was to make it into 5 bedrooms in the summer months for renting to small groups of cyclists, walkers, and artists.
The main house is a project which needs finishing.

30 sq.m. new constructed small house with 2 rooms and an en suite bathroom with flushing toilet and shower off the bed room. Fully insulated and double glazed (warm in winter , cool in summer) with steel shutters to add security to the windows.

Both of these buildings have connection to the septic tank (for flushing toilets), electricity and running water.

There is a certificate of exemption for the stone house meaning that it is legal to live on the quinta. The borehole is legal and so is the new extension to the stone house and the new roof. All other buildings are legal as they are of agricultural necessity.

Additional buildings include:

Outdoor kitchen 6 sq.m. With units ,sink (with running water), woodburning stove/oven and gas hob for summer use, refrigerator, electricity connected.

Store shed 9 sq.m. Electricity connected.

Outdoor Toilet with automatic washing machine, flushing toilet, electricity connected.

Tractor Shed 6 sq.m. With 2 wheel tractor ( 14 h.p. Diesel ) with plough, rotavator attachments and sit on trailer plus Allen Scythe bush cutter.

Shaded area for eating under 16 sq.m.

Water Tower with 1000 ltr header tank giving approximately 0.5 bar pressure in the water system. Also houses the 12volt solar batteries and associated equipment, 4000 kW pure sine wave inverter, and 20 kW of battery storage.

The water is supplied to the tower using a compressed air pump from a 100 metre deep borehole.

Traditional stone lined well, which has never run dry, although level drops during the summer.

There are also 58 olive trees, 12 Quince, 10 Fig, 20 mature vines, 10 Cork Oak trees, 1 Kumquat, and 30 mature Pine, and a large number of small trees which will come into useful size in the future, apple, cherry and plum trees which have “grown out” due to failing to prune over many years before I arrived.

It is fully fenced with lockable gates onto the property.

General Information:
The quinta is about 9kms (11 mins) from Penamacor, which has local schools (and new international school) library, museum, banks, 3 supermarkets, hairdressers, lots of cafes and restaurants,opticians, and many other shops, dentists, pharmacy, doctors medical centre, and government and local government offices. There are market days with local produce in the villages.

From the front door of the little house you have views over the Serra da Estrela with snow in the winter, and winter sports if you feel so inclined.

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If you require any further assistance on this property please contact us and quote reference SP0173