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Holistic Management - a brief explanation.

Holistic Management is a decision making framework that is being used to help to restore and conserve environments on over 30 million acres of land worldwide.

It was developed from the work and ideas of Allan Savory, who was, amongst other titles, a wildlife biologist who worked extensively in South Africa.

The following is taken from the HMI website:
HMI's proven holistic practices yield a "triple bottom line" of sustainable economic, environmental and social benefits by:

  • Improving soil health and biodiversity of rangelands and pastures.
  • Increasing grazing and wildlife capacity.
  • Increasing annual profits and enhancing livelihoods.
  • Optimally using rainfall and conserving water.
  • Growing healthier crops and achieving higher yields.
  • Reversing desertification in brittle environments.
  • Breaking the cycle of food and water insecurity.
  • Enhancing family relationships.
  • Resisting and positively affecting global climate change.

HMI also trains Certified Educators to educate others about Holistic Management, which replaces fragmentary decision-making and short-term solutions with a system that encompasses a whole, long-term process of restoring damaged land and managing healthy land.

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